Monday, October 31, 2011

New Review - Committed by John W. Mefford

Committed is an exciting new novel from John W. Mefford.  Using the world of corporate takeovers as a background for murder and deception, Mefford does a wonderful job of opening an inside view of the business world's more seedy side and the steps people will take to achieve power.

The main character is Michael Doyle, an emotionally stunted man who has chosen to keep his feelings to himself.  He is emotionally distant from everyone, even his live-in girlfriend, Marisa.  They have a loving relationship but Michael's reluctance to commit colors his entire life.  Even the impending sale of the company he works for doesn't really crack his shell.

Everything changes when Michael literally stumbles over a body in a dark alley.  They soon discover it's Tiffany, a temp that had been working for the company.  Even though Michael didn't really care for her, he feels compelled to find out the real reason why Tiffany was killed.  What he soon uncovers blows the lid off of corporate deception and greed.  It also threatens his life and the life of the woman he loves.

This story is so very engaging from the start.  The reader doesn't have a hard time understanding why Michael is so guarded but it is refreshing to see him come out of his shell as events continue to snowball into the rocking climax.  This is truly a modern thriller, in today's climate of corporate takeovers and companies taking everything from employees, it's interesting to see the process from the insider's point of view. This story also contains so many interesting characters that complement Michael.   Everyone of them stands on their own yet help move the story. 

I really did enjoy this and finished it in two days!  I would highly recommend it for fans of thrillers along the lines of John Grisham.

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