Friday, October 28, 2011

Bestseller For A Day - All Hallow's Eve by Cristyn West - New Review

All Hallow's Eve by Cristyn West is the Indie Book Collective's Bestseller for a Day.  Release Notes is thrilled to have had a chance to read this wonderful thriller and share the love!  For today, this great book and several others are only 99 CENTS!  If you enjoy horror, thriller and a good detective story,
this novel has it all!

All Hallow's Eve starts out in the days leading up to Halloween.  There's a serial killer on the loose and Detective Paxton Prover and his partner Ruth Motte is out to stop him before he can strike again.  Once they realize, the killer's master plan, it's a race against the clock to try and save as many innocent lives as they can.

This story reels you in from the first page.  Ms. West has a gift for writing a very engaging story and realistically flawed characters.  Paxton has family issues and uses avoidance as his method to deal with them.  Ruth has her own issues as a suddenly single mother with a teen aged son.  The tension between them is both stress and a strong attraction that neither is willing to act on.

This book contained one surprise after another and the killer was truly creative in reasoning for his choice of victims and the methods he used to kill them.  Ms. West truly leads you on a chase to figure out who the killer is but I really think you'd be as surprised as I was when the killer is finally unmasked!  

This book was a delight to read and so timely for Halloween!  You might want to keep the lights on after you finish it!

Release Notes is proud to feature bestselling author Cristyn West as the Indie Book Collective's Bestseller for a Day!

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