Monday, October 17, 2011

Day One - Blog Tour De Force Masquerade!!


Hold on to your costumes, scaredy cats, because the long awaited--much anticipated--Blog Tour de Force "Masquerade" starts TODAY!

Welcome to Day 1 of a SIX day broujaja of spooky fun where you get to guess who is disguised as who and along the way steal over 12 FREE ebooks.

We're talking bestsellers, award winners, and sleep with the lights on titles that will put you right in the mood for scare season.


Plus every commenter gets a chance to win a brand, new KINDLE to read them on.

Plus every author has a thrilling prize to give away.

Plus, IF you guess correctly (to be revealed Monday October 24th) you get extra entries towards that KINDLE, not to mention all important "I told you so" bragging rights.

Don't forget to peek at each author's sponsor sites, too, for screams and extras. See what kind of reads you're getting and what book reviewers thought of them, too.

These 12 authors are in each other!

Vicki Keiri--"Gifts of The Blood"

Augusto Pinaud--"The Writer"

Rachel Thompson--"The Evil Within" horror anthology

Maxwell Cynn--"The Collective"

Belinda Boring--"Cherished"

Jackie Chanel--"Change of Heart"

M. Todd Gallowglas--"First Chosen"

Elena Gray--"Widowmaker"

Amber Scott--"Soul Search"

Jeremy Rodden--"Toonopolis"

Lacey Weatherford--"The Demon Kiss"

Ann Charles--"Dance of the Winnebagos"

Who's under each mask? We're not telling, but each post will contain a hint or two. The fun starts off today at Amber Scott's then continues at Maxwell Cynn's.

Don't miss a single day of FREE! Go to to sign up for the newsletter and get a love note in your inbox each morning of a tour date.

Let the unmasking BEGIN!

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