Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Tour De Force - Masquerade - Day Three

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Are you ready for another round of Hide & Seek? You should be a pro at this by now. Let’s check. What day is this?

If you said, Day 3 of Masquerade, you’re pretty sharp.

We're at the halfway mark and this party is still going strong!

Please continue to Tweet, Blog, and post about our game. And remember to wave your Masquerade flag proudly...or pretend you have a flad.

If you're tardy to this party, no worries. We have four authors still hiding. They were having so much fun that they just forgot to leave. #oops

Today, we have 2 more authors who are pretty fabulous. That wasn’t a hint by the way.

Augusto Pinaud: The Writer

Ann Charles: Dance of the Winnebagos:

Keep the guesses and comments coming! Remember, each commenter gets a #FREE copy of the author’s book AND entry into their special give-away.

And don't forget that there is also a Kindle up for grabs for one lucky commenter! After all you need somewhere to store all your free ebooks!

Stay tuned for more authors, stops and free ebooks tomorrow!

The IBC Blog is "home base" so if you get caught up in the fun and lose direction, just head there where all the authors and stops are listed each day.

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