Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winter Heart by Margaret Frazier

Winter Heart (Sister Frevisse Medieval Mysteries)

Book: Winter Heart (Sister Frevisse Medieval Mysteries)
Author Margaret Frazer
Format - Paperback and Ebook

Winter Heart is the latest offering in the “Sister Frevisse Medieval Mysteries”. We find Sister Frevisse has become Domina Frevisse, prioress of St. Frideswide. She takes her responsibilities to the priory seriously. When a man who disappeared after being accused of a serious crime returns claiming to have been kidnapped, Domina Frevisse finds herself embroiled in the midst of greed, theft and murder.

The story setting is Medieval times and the lack of modern amenities we are used to seeing in mystery solving make the story more engaging. You really get to see the complex thought process and how Domina Freevisse evaluates the entire situation and the logic she uses in order to reach the truth. The story has deep and complex plot that will quickly engages you and has you turning pages to see what happens next.

I really enjoyed this book and I’m interested to read more of the series.

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