Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review - ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrest

Title- ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest
Author - Delphine Pontvieux
Format - Hardcover and EBook

This book was a beautiful exploration of the Basque people and the way good people get involved in situations out of their control. Lorenzo Lartaun Izcoa is wrongly accused of bombing a police station and labeled a terrorist, he leaves his home for Mexico. A childhood friend offers him a way to return home in exchange for a “small favor”. Desperate to return home, he agrees, returning as Rafael and finds himself embroiled in a deeper and more dangerous event than he could ever imagine.

Along the way, he meets and falls in love with Faustine Laroche. Their relationship was portrayed beautifully and it was completely believable. As they get closer, the secrets Rafael are hiding began to burden him. The weight of his friend’s “favor” weighs heavily on his conscience and he torn between his locality and the desire to live as a free man.

The background and setting of the story are well researched and I felt immersed in the different locales. The author did an outstanding job of weaving all the story elements together and created a rich, spellbinding story. I highly recommend this as a great suspense/thriller for anyone who loves the genre.

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