Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review - Ghosts of Coronado Bay by JG Faherty

Ghosts of Coronado Bay, A Maya Blair Mystery

Author - JG Faherty
Format- Paperback and Ebook

Maya is a teenage girl with a special secret – she can see ghosts. I take that back, not only can she see ghosts; she can also communicate with them. For years, the only ghost she knew was her grandmother, who called Maya a seer. Maya has learned to keep quiet about her gift. She hangs with her best friend, Lucy and tries to deal with her ex, Stuart. Between school and work at the family diner, her life is full and interesting enough.

Everything changes when the 100-year-old shipwreck, the Black Lady is raised from Coronado Bay and Maya meets to Blake, a fair-haired young man she quickly finds attractive and Gavin, a dark, Gothic young man Maya finds equally attractive. Maya soon learns both of the boys are ghosts and that a nefarious plot has been set in motion.

The author has created an engaging story. I was wary because I kept thinking of the show "Ghost Whisperer" but this novel is so far removed from that! Maya is wonderful and her friend Lucy is a loyal and outspoken! To see how Maya and company work to stop the evil plans is wonderful and I kept turning page after page to know what happened next. Even though this is presented as a YA offering, I can easily see all ages enjoying this book. It is a great story and I can’t wait for J.G. Faherty’s next offering of Maya and the gang.

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