Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog Tour De Troops - Day 3

Blog Tour de Troops is still going strong!  Over 700 comments again!  I'm calling it and it's a tie!  #waytogo!

Authors, reviewers and readers are joining together to not only support indie authors, but to support our troops as well.

I don't think there has been a dry eye on this tour. #tissuealert  So many emotional stories have been shared.  Heartwarming reunions and tales of strength and courage while in the line of duty.

Please continue to tweet, blog and post about this record breaking tour.  #youguysrock!  

Don't forget to thank our awesome lineup of authors for their generosity!  If you like what you read, please leave them a review.  Think of it as a tip for them picking up the tab!

So step up to the bar and get your ebooks!

George Sirois, “Excelsior,”
Regan Black, “Veil of Justice,”

Brandy Hunt, “Promise Kept,”

Terri Long, "In Leah's Wake,"

Lili Tufel, “Sand,”

Judie Gaines, “Perfect Copy,”

Laurel Osterkamp, “Starring in the Movie of My Life,”

Jeremy Rodden, “Toonopolis: Gemini,”

Stay tuned for more authors, stops and free ebooks tomorrow!


Yep, there is more.

We're also giving a brand, new KINDLE to a tour commenter, randomly drawn and multiple KINDLES to several lucky troops.

Why? Because the number one care package item request is books.

Let's give them to our troops!

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