Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog Tour de Troops - Day 1 - Is HERE!


Pay it forward to the men and women who safeguard our freedom!

After all, what is being indie if not being FREE?

Yep. We at IBC are indie. Self-published and proud of it. Along with hundreds of other authors, the Indie Book Collective is crumbling stigma and proving indie isn’t a dirty word.

We have the sales and reviews to back it up, too! Ready for over 35 free ebooks?

AWESOME! Because every commenter on each listed blog, each day, gets that author’s participating ebook FREE!

Not only do you get it, but one goes to a troop for every single unique commenter. So send a friend! Not only do you and they score a 5 star read, a troop gets one, too.


Talk about freedom! Let’s make it ring book lover style this Memorial Day!

Amber Scott, “Play Fling,”

Stacy Wallace Benefiel, “Day of Sacrifice Vol. 1-3,”

Jennifer Provost, “Rise of the Deva'shi: A Chronicle of Parthalan,”

Jonathan Gould, “Doodling,”

Kat Lively, “Dead Barchetta,”

Joel Goldman, “Motion to Kill,”

Sonia Rumzi, “Pen, Paper, Action,”

Dawn Wilson, “Leaving the Comfort Cafe,”

Roy Finch, “The Emperor of Glitter Gulch,”

Stay tuned for more authors, stops and free ebooks tomorrow!


Yep, there is more.

We're also giving a brand, new KINDLE to a tour commenter, randomly drawn and multiple KINDLES to several lucky troops.

Why? Because the number one care package item request is books.

Let's give them to our troops!

Want to donate money toward the troop KINDLES? Excellent. Just click here for secure, donations via Paypal.

The IBC Blog is "home base" so if you get caught up in the fun and lose direction, just head there where all the authors, stops and even donors to the tour are listed each day.

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