Friday, March 9, 2012

New Review - Quick Kill by Patricia McCallum

"Quick Kill" is the latest release by author Patricia McCallum and I must say it was interesting.  I have to admit, there were several pros and cons about the book but overall, it was an enjoyable read.  First, the pros:

  • This was a very interesting story.  Random women are being brutally killed in Toronto and the police are racing to find the connection between them and stop the killer.  Without witnesses or clues, the cops are working extra hard to stop him before he strikes again.
  • There are interesting characters.  The main character, Sydney Granger, is a tiny but feisty detective, dedicated to her job and determined to find this killer.  Her partner, Mike, is big and brawny and equally dedicated.  Their relationship is filled with sexual banter, good natured ribbing and actual friendship.  The glimpses into their personal lives makes them more real and enjoyable as characters.  I'd really be interested in seeing more of them in future books. 
  • Ms. McCallum really allowed you to see everything from the prospective of the victim.  The reader feels like they have stepped into the victims shoes, seeing their life up until the moment of their death.  Please note:  The deaths are graphic but in this type of novel it's to be expected.
  • Minor characters are also well developed.  Other police officers are interesting and allow you to see the dynamics of working in a major city's police department.  There are interesting personalities and again, they would be interesting to see in future books.
Now for the cons:
  • There could have been more plot development.  The premise of the story was very intriguing but it seemed to only remain surface level.  Most of the story was wrapped up at the end after they caught the killer but it would have been nice to see some of this build up as the story progress.  Instead, it felt like a hasty addition.
  • It would have been nice to see more actual detective work.  There were crime scene visits, precinct meetings and talking with members of the victims families but not much more.  With a police procedural, there's always the expectation of seeing more of the inner workings of the detectives and this was lacking in the novel.
Overall, it was a good read.  I'm interested in seeing more from this series.  The characters alone makes it worthwhile to continue the series and in spite of the flaws, I think any one who is looking for an quick, fairly enjoyable read will like this one!

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