Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Review: The Egyptian By Layton Green

The Egyptian by Layton Green is an explosive thrill ride from beginning to mesmerizing end.  This is an intelligent thriller, with the world of modern biotechnology interwoven with ancient mysteries and beliefs.  The result is a fast-paced, riveting tale of ancient magic, modern science and a splash of romance thrown in for good measure.

The main character, Dominic Grey is a deep, multifaceted character.  A trained ex-soldier, on the surface he appears heartless and cold but as you read, you soon realize there is so much more to him.  His motivations are complex and he turns out to be a noble character.  His interactions with the other characters in the novel are great, you really get a chance to understand how he thinks, and by the end of the novel, you’ll just really like him!

The plot of the story is strongly tied into all of the modern biotechnology that exists in today’s society.  The story takes you from hi-tech labs to the hidden secrets of the Sahara desert.  The author does a wonderful job of weaving an ancient Egyptian tale into a modern thriller.  What starts as a seemingly simple case of corporate espionage morphs into a hidden world of secret labs, clandestine experiments and the supernatural.  

The amount of detail and scientifically accurate information in this novel is a testament to the amount of research Mr. Green put into this novel and it’s a better story for it.  It’s easy to see that this wasn’t just a thrown together idea but a well thought out and greatly executed story.  It was an enjoyable read from beginning to end.  I totally and completely recommend it!

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