Saturday, December 31, 2011

VBT - Lady of the Drake by J.V. Altharas - Review

Warning:  Don't let the hot sex in this book make you lose sight of the fantastic story! 

Author J.V. Altaras has woven a wonderful tale of fantasy and passion.  It would have been so easy to have one or the other lacking but the author has done an incredible job of making sure both aspects remain prominent in the novel.  The world of lore and dragons create a wonderful paranormal tale.  Lana, the healer for her village, finds her whole life changed when drawn into passion and romance when she meets Alaron, an mysterious alchemist who finds himself as attracted to Lana as she is to him.  What ensures next is hot, steamy passion.

This story is filled with paranormal and fantasy but does not lose its erotic edge.  This is definitely for adults as it features some spanking, a little BDSM and several forms of menage.  This story is so hot and fans will be transported into the story by the great descriptions used by the author.  It was so easy to become lost in this world of paranormal romance and believe me, the reader will thoroughly enjoy every second of it!  For fans of paranormal romance, this is a can't miss! 

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