Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Review - The Evil Within (Horror Anthology) - Various Authors

This horror anthology was a total unexpected thrill ride!  From one story to the next, the reader is thrilled, chilled and thoroughly terrified.  From Amber Scott's foray into betrayal and deadly consequences to Cristyn West's bone chilling and horrifying saga of a family gone so very wrong, you can expect the feel the terror to the marrow of your bones. 

Every story has it's own merits and all of them carry the chill factor.  I was thrilled by the return of Cristyn's Kent Harbinger in her second offering in the book.  Matt Posner's chilling tale of science goes wrong brings to mind the obsession science has with genetic experiments and the horrifying results.  From ghosts to monsters to just plain crazies, this anthology has something for everyone.  Believe me when I say, you want the lights on when you are reading and may need them after you have finished!

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