Thursday, April 14, 2011

TBR Thursday

This meme was based off TBR Thursday orginally hosted by Book Love Blog where they announce the books in all forms and from all sources that they received/bought/picked up to read.  I didn't see a reason to change a good thing, so here is my version!   Leave a link to your TBR in comments...

The Advice Girl

Title: The Advice Girl
Author: L.A. Shaw

Description (Amazon): Kira and Sophia have been best friends since they were five years old. They share an apartment together, and tell each other everything.

Everyone loves Sophia, and she is often called the advice girl by people who know her. Kira believes she knows her friend better than anyone. But in a mysterious accident, Sophia loses her life.

Kira is mourning the devastating loss when she finds a note addressed to her from beyond the grave. Kira realizes she doesn’t know her friend as well as she thought, as she starts to uncover the truth. She falls into a deep depression, confused and lost, until a visit from a strange man puts her in the middle of a war between two secret societies.

Kira soon understands that she is in danger, and doesn’t know who to trust. She has to fight for her own life now.


When I finally arrived home that evening there were so many blue and red flashing lights that I couldn’t even see where to park my car.  I eventually found a spot but for some reason the sudden sick feeling in my stomach made me stay where I was.  Then realization hit me like a brick, and the name unwillingly escaped my lips in a hushed whisper, “Sophia.”  No, I thought, they aren’t here because of her, surely not her.

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