Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: The Advice Girl by L.A. Shaw

The Advice Girl

Title: The Advice Girl
Author - L.A. Shaw
Format: E-Book


As a first offering, The Advice Girl by L.A. Shaw really delivers.  The story focuses on the friendship of Kira and Sophia.  Having been friends since childhood, Sophia has always been the one everyone has gone to for advice in love and in life. The story opens with the friends living the postgraduate life: their own apartment at the beach, dating and work.  Everything seems normal but lately Sophia, the eternal optimist, has been have a strong sense of foreboding.

The author presents the friendship realistically.  Nothing seems forced and you really get the sense of the deep bond between the girls. After the mysterious death of Sophia, you really go through the emotions and depression with Kira.  The sense of loss on the pages cut so deep!  However, after getting a cryptic note, Kira begins to wonder if she knew Sophia at all.

But WAIT!  This book offers so much more!  There is a love story and a dark and sinister group out to destroy those who would do good and so much more!  The author deftly ties the parallel stories together into a seamless, wonderful read.  You can’t help but wonder what is going to happen next and keep turning pages.  The suspense is great and as more things are revealed, there are moments of absolute surprise.

Now, there were a few things that took away some of my joy.  The ending was rather abrupt but at the same time, it made me eager for the sequel (coming soon I hope!).  In addition, the romance portions of the story happened rather quickly and while I am saying it couldn’t happen, it still was rather quick.

I hope in the sequel, we can find out more about the various characters.  I would love to know some background on some of them (especially Markus!) and I’m eagerly waiting to see what happens to everyone! 

Grab this one up!  You will not regret it!

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Julie said...

This sounds very good. I like stories of "deep bonds." Excellent points in your review. I don't like "abrupt endings" either. Always enjoy what you have to offer from reading a book. Glad to read your review!