Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review - Sunshine by Nikki Rae


Sunshine is the story of Sophie, a high school senior with a tough home life.  Her mother is crazy and while she has a protective older brother and two great friends, she is still lonely and angry.  She suffers from a severe allergy to the sun and must stay covered or become seriously ill.  When Miles, a new student comes along, Sophie is reluctant to let him in her life.  After a bad experience with the last guy she was with, Sophie is emotionally scarred and hiding it from everyone.  She and Miles find themselves constantly interacting and soon, he begins to convince her he is not a bad guy.  Her friends think he is a great person and Sophie soon finds herself wanting to know more.  Miles is not all that he seems, however.  He has secrets of his own and those secrets will change Sophie’s world!

This story is was interesting from the beginning.  Sophie could have been written by the author as a tragic character but instead, Nikki Rae gave her an inner strength that we get to see throughout the story.  She was loved by her family and friends but doesn’t share the devastating event that happened to her.  Miles is a welcome addition because he doesn’t force her to open up, he’s just there for her and that begins to break down that wall.  He shows that he does care for her and that helps her to begin healing.
This was a wonderful read and I do look forward to reading Book 2 to see more of Sophie and Miles’ story!

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

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