Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Tour De Force: Get Loaded January 23 - January 27

Our latest Blog Tour De Force is starting up on Monday! The theme is going to be a Scavenger Hunt and the clues will be on the main IBC blog page each day. Just stop by to find out the day's author and clues and use the clues to win prizes!

Who are the authors?

Jan 23-Chelsea Fine - ANEW -

Jan 24- AK Taylor - Neiko's Five Land Adventure -

Jan 25- Jackie Chanel - A Hustler's Promise -

Jan 26- Sherry Roberts - Book of Mercy -

Jan 27 - Liz Schulte - Secrets (Guardian Trilogy: Book 1) -

Here is a great opportunity to stock up on some fantastic reads and have a great time hunting for clues! Look forward to seeing you there!

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