Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Review - Hide'N Go Seek by Dale Mayer

As the second installment of the “Psychic Visions” series, Dale Mayer does not disappoint.  Kali Jordan, famed search and rescue worker, has been hiding her psychic abilities from everyone as long as she could remember.  Lately, the abilities have been getting stronger and unbeknownst to Kali, her success has caught the eye of a deranged soul. Suddenly, Kali and Shiloh, her rescue dog is in serious danger.

After receiving chilling letters from the serial killer, Kali has to work with FBI Special agent Grant Summers, a man who feels a strong bond with Kali even though they have only met once.  As the chemistry flows between them, Kali and Grant race to stop the lunatic.  Grant is determined to protect Kali and Shiloh at all costs.

This was a wonderful second installment!  From the beginning to the end, Ms. Mayer takes the reader on a thrill ride.  Until the end, the identity of the killer is a guessing game.  The development of the story and the characters is great and the drama is top notch.  I highly recommend this book if you a fan of thrillers, mystery and romance because this has it all!

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