Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Dangerous Designs by Dale Mayer

Title: Dangerous Designs
Author: Dale Mayer
Format: E- Book

From beginning to end, Dale Mayer drags the reader on a journey that ends on a cliff!  From the beginning, the reader is immediately engaged in the life of Storey Dalton, a teen aged girl who finds herself boyfriend-less and back on the fringes of the social ladder after her boyfriend moves away.  Storey's passion is drawing and when she stumbles up a strange pencil in the woods, Storey's life is transformed as she comes to realize the pencil is not ordinary and is leading her to draw things she has never drawn or seen before.

Eric Jordan is sent from another dimension to retrieve the stylus (the pencil), left behind by a scientist.  After discovering Storey has the stylus and is quickly bonding with it, Eric has to figure out a way to retrieve the object with hurting her.  They soon find themselves in the middle of a dimensional war and a struggle to save both of their worlds.  

The novel is a reflection of our modern society and it's treatment of those who are different without being a moral brick to the head.  Storey's compassion and tenacity are wonderful to see and I loved the way she influenced others to open their eyes and see their world.  The cliffhanger the author placed at the end left me stunned!  My understanding is the next novel picks up where this one leaves off.  I'm ready to pick up the next one (Book 2) to see what happens next!

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