Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: FM for Murder by Patricia Rockwell

Title: FM For Murder
Author: Patricia Rockwell
Found At: Smashwords and Amazon
Format: Paperback and E-Book

In this second offering by Patrica Rockwell, author Patrica Rockwell brings back Pamela Barnes to help investigate the death of a popular late night DJ heard over the airwaves.  I have to admit, the first chapter left me wondering but as I reached the surprising ending, it made perfect sense.  Pamela Barnes is a professor with a loving and overprotective husband and a lovely daughter. Along with her colleagues, the characters in this book are funny, engaging and easy to relate to.  In this novel, she was asked to help out on the case by the police, using her acoustic skills to see if she can discover any clues that might lead to who committed the crime .  The story is interwoven with a connected story, a mystery within a mystery, if you will, and I found myself reading, curious to know how both stories tied to each other.  The novel was engaging and kept you turning pages until the end.  The ending itself was such an unexpected one for me, I totally didn't see it coming.  Overall, the novel was well written and thoroughly enjoyable.

One caveat:  I haven't read the first novel - Sounds of Murder - and this novel made several reference to it that had me asking questions.  I plan on fixing that mistake as soon as possible and I will be reading it!


Patricia Rockwell said...

Dear Karen,

Thanks for this lovely review. I plan to link to your site on my blog Subjective Soup and I hope my readers will become yours. Best wishes!

Patricia Rockwell

Karen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I look forward to reviewing more of your works!