Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guest Blog Author - Carolyn McCray

I'm SOOOOO excited!!  Carolyn McCray was gracious enough to stop by with a blog post about her upcoming "Bestseller For A Day"!  Without further ado, this blog is hers!

I couldn’t be more excited for Monday to get here #foottapping

You think I’m crazy, right?

Well, wait. I have a very good reason!

Monday could very well mark what could potentially be a historic day in publishing history. Not bad, right?
Because this Monday, February 28, 2011 is the ginormous promotion by the Indie Book Collective (which I cofounded) called Bestseller For A Day where my thriller 30 Pieces of Silver will be priced at just 99 cents to propel it onto the Amazon Top 100 Kindle* List! With your help I can do it!!

But wait…how realistic is this…really?

Well, I’ve already dipped into the 600’s overall ranking, so with YOUR help, we can make this happen! Let’s show the big NYC publishers just what an indie author can do, baby.

Plus, you get great prizes too! Just by purchasing my book, you can enter to win a free Kindle…woot! That’s right. By helping me drive 30 Pieces of Silver to the top of the Kindle Lists YOU can win too!!
Simply purchase my book on Amazon for 99 cents and then head back over to the Bestseller For A Day site and enter your email address and the first 5 numbers of your Amazon purchase confirmation code – and viola! You will have 5 entries to win a FREE Kindle!

But that’s not ALL (pft. This is ME, after all.) How about a BONUS BUY? Yep. Purchase Plain Jane by Cristyn West at the same time you purchase 30 Pieces of Silver, and receive a full rebate for the purchase price of “Plain Jane” PLUS another 5 entries to win the FREE Kindle. #ohyea I did just say that!

I could not do what I do without the wonderful support of reviewers like Karen, her fab site and readers like YOU, who inspire me to keep writing my stories. Please continue to support your favorite authors, particularly indie authors who continue to forge our own path through promotions like Bestseller For A Day and the IBC’s upcoming Blog Tour de Force CAGE MATCH Tour in April!

We love and need you! Help us spread the word—tell your friends, your mom, your neighbors, your dog—tell everyone to buy 30 Pieces of Silver on Monday! I promise, based on all the 5/5 star reviews, you will enjoy the book!

See you Monday, readers!

*Remember, even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still download an eBook: all you need is a smartphone or computer. See the Amazon free Kindle app page for details.

You can find Carolyn McCray on Twitter at @craftycmc, @IndieBookIBC, or @writingnodrama where she teaches writers writing stuff. You can also check out her website for all of her books and multiple personalities. 

Bestseller For A Day!

The Indie Book Collective is a wonderful group of independent authors with innovative ideas for becoming a published independent author.  Besides tips and their live radio show, IBC also has great promotional runs.  The upcoming promotion is "Bestseller For A Day".  

You may ask "What is that?"  According to the website, the promotion serves several purposes:
  •    Finding great new books
  •    At great new prices
  •    Driving titles into the Kindle lists
  •    Connecting readers to authors
  •    Giving Indie Authors exposure
  •    Creating innovative promotion
The upcoming promotion is for "30 Pieces of Silver" by Carolyn McCray.  30 Pieces is an outstanding thriller that is a page turner from beginning to end.   (To read my review, just click here.)  It will be available at Amazon for 99 cents on Monday!  So check out the review and click the recommended list on Monday, Feb 28th to grab a most enjoyable read!! 

Don't forget to check out IBC and "Bestseller For A Day".  It could be the start of a beautiful readership! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: FM for Murder by Patricia Rockwell

Title: FM For Murder
Author: Patricia Rockwell
Found At: Smashwords and Amazon
Format: Paperback and E-Book

In this second offering by Patrica Rockwell, author Patrica Rockwell brings back Pamela Barnes to help investigate the death of a popular late night DJ heard over the airwaves.  I have to admit, the first chapter left me wondering but as I reached the surprising ending, it made perfect sense.  Pamela Barnes is a professor with a loving and overprotective husband and a lovely daughter. Along with her colleagues, the characters in this book are funny, engaging and easy to relate to.  In this novel, she was asked to help out on the case by the police, using her acoustic skills to see if she can discover any clues that might lead to who committed the crime .  The story is interwoven with a connected story, a mystery within a mystery, if you will, and I found myself reading, curious to know how both stories tied to each other.  The novel was engaging and kept you turning pages until the end.  The ending itself was such an unexpected one for me, I totally didn't see it coming.  Overall, the novel was well written and thoroughly enjoyable.

One caveat:  I haven't read the first novel - Sounds of Murder - and this novel made several reference to it that had me asking questions.  I plan on fixing that mistake as soon as possible and I will be reading it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Review - 30 Pieces of Silver By Carolyn McCray

 Title: 30 Pieces of Silver
Author: Carolyn McCray
Available at: Smashwords and Amazon
Format: E-Book

This grabbed me from the first page and took me on an incredible journey! I couldn't stop reading. The suspense was wonderful and the way the author wove the past and the present together were outstanding. It was one adventure after the next and you couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. It was a complex and mysterious story with engaging characters. Dr. Monroe was a smart yet brave woman and rolled with the punches along with Brandt and his team. I really expected a woman who wouldn't hold her own with the rapidly changing environment but she was side by side with the team and her quick thinking came in handy.  Seeing her own beliefs change in the face of mounting evidence really made her come to life!  The conflict present in Brandt with his job duties and his religious convictions provided a depth to his character.   In addition, the author told an excellent biblical story and the ending left me stunned.  It obvious that she really took time to make the past story as engaging as the present story.  I think if you are interested in biblical history, you'd enjoy this book so much. I know that it's unlike anything I've read recently and that's good thing!!

Changes, they are a coming!

This blog is being converted to a review blog for books I'm reading.  There has been an expressed interest and I thought it would be easier to keep it all in one place.  My writing journal is currently being housed at wordpress and the older entries will still remain here.  I'll provide the link to it but I hope you'll enjoy the reviews and  become interested enough to pick up the books!